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Nowadays, promotion is very important, even one of the most important tasks in mobile app development field. This means that you need to figure out how to make sure that your app or game gets popular enough to keep you afloat and more. However, the information is usually too far between to figure out the right course of action – and the situation is changing all the time. Therefore, finding a solid source of information on marketing of iOS apps is rather challenging and not all of the information remains useful after a while.

That's why we would like to make some recommendations on how to promote iOS games efficiently enough to enjoy the mild success and build on top of it if needed.

Focus on the product

Starting your marketing campaign is never too late. However, once the app is launched, there is no going back – be ready to face criticism and nitpicking. However, you can minimize that by releasing the app in the best possible state. Take some extra time to test it – don't promise anyone an exact launch date until you're absolutely sure that the app meets the quality standards of your audience.

Take a few additional weeks to test your app and fix the bugs and issues that you find. Ask your friends and family to help you out and test it – chances are, they will stumble upon an issue or two.  It's way better to fix them way before the launch than trying to fix them as fast as possible to get the ratings back to normal.

Try subtle marketing methods

You don't need to use obvious marketing methods to promote your app or game on the Internet. Instead, you can be more subtle by researching the relevant keywords and using them in the app description and tags field. It's also a great idea to hire a designer to design and pick better assets for the app page to attract the audience and convince them to give your app a proper try.

You can also contact various blogs and YouTube channels to promote your application or game and make it easier for you to reach your audience. Some of them will agree to do it without hesitation, while more popular ones will ask for a donation – it's up to you to decide whether you want to agree on these terms or not, but keep in mind – there are many cases when the investment is worth it, especially when you need to promote an iOS app.

Additionally, you may want to consider using social media to your advantage. There are so many ways to reach your audience through the social media if you pull it off correctly – just imagine how many users you can attract. There are millions of people who are rarely taking a peek outside of the social media, and it's a great opportunity to capture their attention and see if they are willing to give your app a try. Don't beg them, though – explain what makes your app so good, and see if that's enough to convince them.

Use review mining

It's recommended to do some review mining – by reading the reviews to the competing apps you can find out what users want, what they find lacking, what they think could be done better and what should be done to make the app even more convenient to them. By implementing what your competitors didn't provide, you can try to win this part of the audience – and the more crucial these features are, the bigger chances you have.


Consider providing localization to the following languages:

  1. English;
  2. French;
  3. Italian;
  4. German;
  5. Spanish.

This way you will be able to expand your audience significantly at an affordable cost and without too much trouble. Consider using freelance translation services to get the most affordable pricing without damaging the quality. Also, consider adding more languages if you want to expand your audience even further and if you get enough interest from the foreign regions.

If nothing works, then contacting a marketing agency and figuring out a marketing plan together will help a lot. After all, it's their job to make sure that their clients reach their audience. Even when there are tools and methods available to the general public, iPhone app promotion is still challenging and requires more effort than one could imagine.

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